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How To Adapt Your Living Room For A Senior Relative

Are you thinking about having your aging mother or father live with you? Do you know how to make your home more comfortable for their needs? Here are some tips on how your living room area can be made more accessible for your parents or other older relatives:

Replace knobs on end tables or armoires: If you're buying new pieces of living room furniture and they have drawers or doors, it could be difficult for your parent to open them since it can be hard for arthritic hands to grasp small knobs or tiny handles. If you think that the drawer pulls might be a problem, ask the furniture store if they can swap out U-shaped handles in place of the knobs to give them an easier way to open

Choose the right side chairs: Your overstuffed club chair may be one of your favorite pieces of furniture, but it will offer very little benefit to your elderly parent. Choose a heavier chair with a low center of gravity and a high back so that it can take the weight of a leaning adult. Your parent won't be using it as their main method of support, but will be comforted in knowing that they won't have to worry about pulling the chair on top of them if they need to steady themselves. 

Create a personal storage area for them: Whether its a storage ottoman or an accent table with doors, giving your parents a place to stash their things will not only help them feel like they belong, it will save them unnecessary trips to their room. They might like to keep things like a spare blanket, their extra pair of reading glasses, or a crossword puzzle book handy for them to have while watching television. 

Incorporate a cart into your decor: Make a special spot in your living room furniture for your elderly parent's trolley cart to sit. The cart can be a basic metal book cart with baskets, a wooden cart or even a fancy Early American-style tea cart. No matter which style you choose, the trolley can help to give your parents a feeling of independence. Instead of having to ask you to carry their things for them, they'll be able to do it for themselves. If they want to eat in front of the television, they can roll their meal out to the living room and not have to worry about dropping the plate or spilling a cup. To find out more about furniture, contact a business like Heary Art & Sons Furniture Inc.

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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