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5 Simple and Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Mid-Century Modern Style to Your Home

Mid-century modern style reigns supreme in the decorating world. From the pages of decorating magazines to the sets of late-night talk shows, you can expect to find the simple lines of the 1950s and 1960s at every turn. If you're suffering from Mad Men withdrawal or simply want to experiment with this popular style, try the following tips for incorporating mid-century modern design into your home.

1. Color Palette

Paint is the most affordable way to refresh a space. With a few gallons of paint and a weekend, you can set the stage for your mid-century modern space.

Though some homes during the mid-century included colorful paint or wallpaper, some bold color choices, such as chartreuse and rust, can seem dated or overwhelming when covering all four walls in a room. To get a version of the mid-century modern look that you'll be happy with for the long-term, start with a neutral color for the walls and add splashes of color with accessories.

Popular neutral colors include gray, blonde, taupe, olive, warm brown, and soft white.

Popular accent colors include chartreuse, rust, turquoise, orange, and flamingo pink.

If you must add a bold color to your walls, then choose neutral colors for your furniture, such as warm or rich woods or white and gray upholstery.

2. Furniture

Original designer mid-century pieces can be expensive because they're in such high demand. However, many furniture designers are manufacturing reproductions of original mid-century pieces or offering streamlined pieces that evoke mid-century style.

You can shop online or visit well-known big box stores to find such pieces at an affordable price point. Or, hunt flea markets and garage sales for original pieces that have strong bones.

Look for sofas and chairs that mimic design elements of original designs. Sofas should have straight arms, lower backs, simple cushions, and straight or angled wooden or metal feet. The only embellishment, if any, is tufted back cushions. You can even look for a sectional sofa, as long as it has straight, simple lines.

Choose accent chairs or dining chairs that are molded plastic and metal or sleek wood. From the famous lounge chair and ottoman to the molded side chair, the infamous Eames chairs scream mid-century. Original pieces may break the bank, so opt for reproductions.

3. Hardware

If your cabinetry is streamlined to begin with, then switching out drawer handles and knobs in the kitchen and bathroom is one of the easiest ways to bring mid-century style to those rooms. Bar handles in brass or brushed metal and small disc knobs are the simplest choices.

If your cabinetry is fussy or contains decorative designs, consider removing the upper cabinet doors to display your collections of mid-century-inspired dishes.

4. Lighting

Mid-century modern lighting is often geometric in design. Popular choices include sputnik chandeliers or dome pendant lights in the dining room and hooded metal floor lamps in the living room. You can easily find something new or purchase used and rewire, if necessary.

5. Art Work

You can, of course, shop auction sites or garage sales for original pieces or, better yet, create your own art installation.

Embroidery Hoop Wall Installation:

  • Purchase several embroidery hoops in various sizes. (You will only use the inner hoops.)
  • Fill the holes in the sides of the hoops with wood filler, then sand and wipe clean.
  • Spray paint several of the inner hoops white and a few of the remaining hoops a bold accent color that coordinates with your room.
  • After they are fully dry, hang the hoops on the wall with small nails. Be sure to stagger the hoops and arrange some small hoops inside larger hoops.

Mid-century modern style is everywhere and you'll have no problem finding pieces for your home. If you're looking for inspiration outside of the Internet, look for a mid-century modern exhibition at your local modern art museum.

Remember, with just a few simple changes, you can easily incorporate mid-century modern style into your home without breaking the bank. Check out websites like this one for more ideas:

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