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Is Piano Tuning Necessary?

Owning a piano comes with several responsibilities, including ensuring that it is tuned. Unfortunately, some owners do not know the importance of having the piano tuned and often miss out on having it done. If you own a piano, here is what you need to know about having it tuned. 

What Is Piano Tuning?

Over time, pianos can go out of tune, which impacts the sound quality when played. There a number of factors that could lead to it being out of tune, including atmospheric changes and temperature. 

For instance, if the piano is exposed to high humidity, the sound board within it can start to swell. As the swelling occurs, the strings can be stretched. When the sound board shrinks down again, the strings remain stretched out, which impacts the sound. 

The frequency and how hard you strike the keys can also have a bearing on the need to have the piano tuned. Even moving your piano a long distance can possibly cause it to go out of tune. 

How Often Is a Piano Tuned?

The frequency with which the piano needs to be tuned depends partly on how often it is played and the quality of the piano. However, the first year that you own a new piano, it should be tuned at least four times

The piano tuning technician can help determine how often it is needed following the first year. In some instances, it can be as frequent as twice a year. 

What Happens If the Piano Is Not Tuned?

Tuning the piano is important to the string tension. When it is not tuned, the tension can be lax, which causes it to settle for a lower tension. As a result, the sound quality is off and it might require more than one tuning over a period of days to get it back into tune. 

To tune the piano after the tension has lowered, the technician has to pull it to the proper pitch again. The strings will start to settle over the next few days, which will result in the technician needing to tune it again. 

If you are unsure whether or not tuning is needed for your piano, consult with a piano tuning technician. He or she can assess your piano and determine if it is needed. He or she can also provide you with guidelines for how often your piano needs to be tuned. 

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