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4 Ways To Make The Bedroom Safer For Elderly Parents

As your parents age, living at home independently can sometimes be challenging. Certain areas of the home can become hazardous zones and lead to problems, such as falling. If you are concerned that your parents could potentially have an accident in the bedroom, here are some steps you can take to make it safer for them.

Buy an Adjustable Bed

One of the problems that your parents could experience is having trouble getting in and out of the bed. If the bed is too high or low, a fall can occur. To avoid this problem, buy an adjustable bed.

Your parents can control the height of the bed with a set of controls. If your parents need additional support, the addition of bed rails can help. The rails not only give your parents something to grip as they get in and out of the bed, but they also help to avoid accidental falls while they are sleeping.

Use the Appropriate Bed Coverings

It is possible for your parents to become entangled in the bed coverings and trip while trying to get out of the bed. To avoid this, make sure the bedspreads and other linens on the bed do not reach the floor. Replace any coverings that are too long.

Remove Carpeting

Area rugs, runners, and other carpeting that is not securely attached to the floor are also tripping hazards. An easy solution to eliminate this potential hazard is to remove any carpeting that is not properly secured.

You also have the option of using carpet tape to ensure the carpeting does not slip or turn up. If you choose to keep the carpeting and secure it, be sure to check it periodically and reapply tape when needed.

Improve the Lighting

A number of accidents occur in the bedroom because of inadequate lighting. To prevent an accident, you need to increase the amount of accessible lighting in the room.

Accessible lighting means that regardless of where your parents are in the bedroom, the ability to turn on the light is within reach. For instance, you can add lamps near the bed. You can also use nightlights to light the path from the bedroom to the bathroom so that your parents can avoid tripping during nighttime visits to the bathroom.

To discover other ways you can make the bedroom safer for your parents, conduct an assessment of their room. Small changes, such as buying a new bed, are easy to implement and worth doing. For more information, contact companies like Florida Mattress Center. 

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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