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Looking At Treatments For The Odd Shaped Windows In Your Home

When the windows in your home are shaped differently than the traditional square, finding window treatments for them does not have to be challenging. In fact, odd-shaped windows can be a great way to add a unique decorative appeal to your home. Check out these tips for choosing the best treatments for odd-shaped windows.

Palladian Windows Over Doors And Traditional Square Windows

Palladian windows are shaped like half moons, and they are generally over doors or square windows. Palladian windows can be the perfect place to use fan window treatments. Fan window coverings resemble large hand-held fans, their pleats giving them an unusual design for a window. The pleats in these types of window treatments are great for light filtering as well. Many pleated fan-shaped window treatments are available for you to choose from, and most of them are easy to clean and care for, as well as being simple to hang. Wooden shutters can be another great choice, but you will need to have a professional measure and customize the shutters for the half moon-shaped Palladian window.

Motorized Shades And Blinds Can Be An Excellent Option

Not many windows can add the level of natural light to a room in the way a skylight window can, but finding ways to block out some that light is important, especially on sunny days. If you are trying to find a window covering for a skylight, choosing a motorized treatment is a good idea. Skylights are hard to reach, so a motorized blind or shade is a good idea. Several styles are available for motorized blinds and shades, but honeycomb designs are the best for light filtering benefits.

Plantation Shutter Styles For Octagon Windows

Octagon windows can add a special appeal to any room, especially when they have custom-made plantation shutters on them. Plantation shutters are usually pre-made for square windows, but you can have them made for any size octagon window. Plantation shutters are made out of wood and can be painted to suit your color scheme while also being great for light filtering benefits.

Angle-Shaped Windows Can Be The Perfect Place For Bamboo Shades

Windows shaped like a right angle are usually found in attic rooms and are great places to use bamboo blinds. You can choose from many bamboo styles, some of them having wider plats than others. Bamboo blinds are easy to customize to fit any size or shape window. If you worry about not properly cutting down a new bamboo blind, contacting a professional for doing it for you is the best way to go. Bamboo blinds can add a natural decorative appeal to your home while providing light filtering benefits as well.

The windows in your home have a huge impact in its overall design. If you are trying to decorate a room, remembering to pay special attention to the window treatments in it is important for maintaining the best flow of uninterrupted design.

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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