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Secrets to Styling Your Living Room with Shabby Chic Aplomb

A well-designed shabby chic living room feels both welcoming and elegant. The style lacks true design rules, but the overall ambience is meant to feel a little like an aging English cottage. Shabby chic complements the timeless appeal of pieces that are seemingly age-worn with soft and opulent items. Here are some ideas to make your guests feel at home in your living room by including shabby chic décor.

Look for Distressed Finishes

The foundation of shabby chic design is starting with furniture pieces that appear to have come through the ages. White is the popular color for these pieces, but any antique-look furniture works well. The pieces should have distressed finishes as if they've been well-loved for decades. You could opt for actual vintage furniture or have your new pieces stained with distressed finishes to mimic the look. When selecting furniture pieces, look for similar but not matching designs. For example, select chairs with legs carved in a design different from the table legs. The unifying element is that they're both carved.

Create Vignettes

A relatively easy way to add shabby chic design to your living room is to create a vignette. For example, Home and Garden TV describes a tableau with a vintage table as the centerpiece. The table is paired with a distressed-finish door and window frame. The designer topped the table with antique candle holders and apothecary jars and slid vintage suitcases underneath. When creating a vignette, unite all the pieces with a similar element, such as color, to pull off the chic aspect of the look.

Design the Bookshelf

The bookshelf is such an eclectic item that you can really show off the shabby chic design. Start with an antique-look or distressed-finish bookshelf. Next, remove the dust covers from books and slot the books into the shelves. On one or two different shelves, carve out a space with an antique picture frame or objet d'art topping a lace doily. Additionally, intersperse a few souvenirs and flea market finds as conversation starters. When selecting items, pay attention to shapes so you create an interesting overall look on your bookshelvf.

Utilize Chic Fabrics

If you imagine a cottage living room, you probably see layers of lace and floral patterns. These should be the foundation of your fabrics. Add lace doilies to your vignette, bookshelf, and other surfaces. Likewise, consider covering your sofa and chairs with floral slip covers or selecting a floral print set to begin with. Likewise, select area rugs with floral prints. If you don't want your living room to become too effeminate, keep most of the furniture in its antique state and add lace or floral print only in accenting, such as with curtains or throw pillows.

The fun of shabby chic design is styling it to reflect your personal character. For further ideas, contact a representative from a company like Montana Expressions.

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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