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Recliners: How To Find The Perfect "Fit"

Recliners are not a "one size fits all" piece of furniture. In fact, many people make this assumption and then are surprised to find that recliners feel very different when they try sitting in a couple of different ones. Add deluxe features such as lumbar massage or lift-to-stand motorized assistance and the recliners feel even more different. To get the right fit, you might have to sit in a dozen or so recliners, and even then you might not get the right "fit." Here are some tips on how to find a recliner that perfectly fits you, your body and your comfort needs.

Wide or Narrow Enough

Let's talk body shapes here. Some people are larger and have bigger bottoms. Others are quite the opposite. You may find that some recliners are shaped to conform to a narrower, smaller or more slender body shape. When you sit in these recliners, you may feel quite squished or "sandwiched" between the arm rests. You do not have to settle for this type of recliner. In fact, in recent years many manufacturers of recliners have been creating and constructing recliners with wider seats. There are some that are slightly wider than a traditional recliner, some that are extra wide for the "big and tall" person and even recliners that are designed to seat you and your significant other in the same chair. Find the one that fits your body's current width/girth/height, and choose that one.

Padding: A Little or a Lot?

Many people typically fall asleep in a recliner while watching TV. Because your body is already tilted back and comfortable, it automatically begins to relax and drift off. However, if you do not have enough padding in your recliner, you may not be comfortable enough and you may just squirm around trying to find a good position before you give up and look for another spot to watch TV and drift off. Once you find a recliner that fits your body, you should also choose one that has just the right amount of padding for you too. People who are accustomed to a firm mattress often choose harder, less padded recliners and people who are used to softer mattresses may be more inclined to choose a very plush recliner.

Leg Extension and the Recliner's Handle

The last factors you need to look at to find the right fitting recliner are the leg extension/foot rest and the recliner's handle. When the chair is fully reclined and you reach for the handle to put up the foot rest, are your feet and legs able to stretch out and get comfortable, or are they hanging over the edge of the foot rest? Worse yet, is the foot rest extended way beyond the length of your legs such that your feet do not even reach it? Find the right foot rest, one that allows you to fully extend your legs without overstretching. Finally, you should always be able to reach the handle comfortably, without straining or doing yoga in your recliner.

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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