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How to Refinish a Hardwood Table

One of the best things about owning hardwood furniture, like a kitchen table, is the fact that you can change the finish over the years. By removing the stain and applying a new one, you can change the overall style of your table while making it look more modern and matching other color schemes in your home. This article explains how to refinish a hardwood table.

Don't Use Chemicals

First of all, you should avoid using chemical stain remover on hardwoods. While these products claim to help remove stain from wood quicker, they actually have a lot of possible side effects. First of all, the actual liquid can be too powerful and deteriorate the wood. This is an especially important concern if you're dealing with an antique piece. Using chemicals is also superfluous in most cases because you can probably get the job done by just using a power sander. In fact, when you use the chemicals, you usually need to use a power sander anyway, so you should just try to avoid this extra step.

Use a Power Sander

The most important tool for the entire job is a vibrating power sander. You also need to make sure you have the right type of sandpaper on the sander. You'll probably want a medium-grit paper for the first round of sanding. This will help sand off the majority of the stain. Then you will need to re-sand the entire piece with extra-fine sandpaper. This makes it so the surface is smoother and ready for the new stain. However, you probably won't be able to get the entire job done with just a power sander. You will need a handheld sponge sander to reach the corners and edges of more decorative pieces. The last thing you need to do before staining the piece is to rub it down with steel wool. This will further polish the wood and make it so it is smooth enough for the new stain.

Apply the Stain

The best way to apply stain is to rub it on with lint-free rags. Using these is much cleaner and quicker than using a paintbrush. Wood stain is more watery than normal paint, so rags work better. The key is to keep your can of stain stirred at all times and then just tip the rag directly in the stain and rub it onto the wood. Between each coat of staining, wait for the stain to dry, then rub down the surface with steel wool.

As you can see, this job is not very difficult. In actuality, difficulty in the job largely depends on how ornate the table is. If it is plain with mainly square edges and a basic design, then the table will be much easier to stain. Check out furniture stores such as Visions In Contemporary Living to see looks you might like to incorporate in your home. 

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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