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Decorating With Denim: How To Make Your Living Room As Comfortable As Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans

What could be more comfortable than your favorite pair of jeans? A living room infused with delightful shades of denim. Not just for jeans anymore, denim is a warm and welcoming accent color in home décor.

Choose complementing floor and wall colors

You can't go wrong with white walls in a denim-inspired living room. Blue and white blend flawlessly and will give you plenty of options for adding pops of color with accent pieces.

Gray is another good choice for walls if you prefer a subtler color. Lighter shades of gray are best, especially if you plan to use darker shades of indigo in your decorating scheme.

Any style of flooring will work with a denim theme. Ceramic tile in natural stone is a great choice if you prefer a washed-denim look over darker indigo shades. Wooden laminate flooring will provide more of a warm feel and will work seamlessly with light and dark denim shades.

Choose casual furniture

When you visit your local furniture store, look for furnishings with a casual look. Sofas and chairs with wooden arms and legs will work well. Modern or contemporary furniture is also a good fit, but you should avoid elegant and fancy styles of furniture.  

Choose furniture colors that will blend well with denim accent pieces. Mix and match to provide contrast. For instance, you may want to choose a white upholstered sofa and a chair with an indigo and white pattern. Light shades of gray, deep golds, or beige colors are good choices. If you prefer bold colors, you can't go wrong with a red sofa or chair.

Choose the right window treatments

Faux wooden blinds will add a perfect blend of warmth to your living room. White, beige, or light brown will blend nicely with any shade of denim. Bamboo is another good choice for window blinds.

If you prefer drapes or curtains, use your living room furniture as a guide. If your furniture is primarily solid, choose a bold fabric pattern to add a pop of contrast. If your furnishings contain a fabric pattern, solid drapes or curtains will work best.

Choose or create denim accent pieces

Denim throw pillows make warm and inviting additions to a sofa or chair. Go for several different colors of blue to avoid boredom. Look for denim accent table runners and lamp shades. Rag-style rugs will pull the room together nicely.

You can also create your own denim accent pieces using old jeans. Cut strips of denim in equal lengths and widths. Glue them to a six-foot piece of jute twine. Hang the denim garland above the sofa.

Pockets from old jeans can be glued to card stock and framed like a photo. Tuck a single flower stem into the pocket for a delightful piece of art for your living room wall. Sunflowers and daisies are perfect denim companions.

With a little creativity, you can create a living room that's as comfortable as an old pair of jeans. Nothing is quite as casual and comforting as denim, and you and your friends will always feel at home in your indigo-inspired living room. For more information, contact local professionals like AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses.

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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