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4 Things To Understand About Mattress Return Policies

If you are shopping for a new mattress, it is easy to get overwhelmed with your options. One good way to narrow down your mattress choices is to choose to shop that offers a liberal return policy in case you do not love the mattress you buy. Below are four things you should understand about mattress return policies. 

You Should Always Insist On a Liberal Return Policy for Mattresses You Cannot Try Out In the Store

Shopping online or at large stores not dedicated solely to mattresses is becoming more popular. In both of these situations, you will likely not be able to try out the mattress before you purchase it, so you should make sure that the company you are buying from offers a liberal return policy. While you may be able to tell within a week if you like a mattress or not, it may take you more time to arrange the return of the mattress, so opt for a return policy of a month or longer. 

The Return Policy Only Goes Into Effect Once You Accept Delivery 

Before you accept delivery of a mattress, you should make sure it is the model you ordered and that there is no visible damage to the mattress. You should check for stains, tears, or damage that could have occurred during transport. Additionally, you should check to make sure the mattress has all of the appropriate labels. If something is wrong with the mattress, do not accept delivery. This way, you will not be held accountable for your portion of the return policy. 

You Should Expect to Pay a Restocking Fee 

On large items such as furniture and mattresses, most stores charge a restocking fee when you return the item. This can range from less than $100 to a significant percentage of your mattress cost. Make sure you know what the restocking fee is before you make your purchase so you are prepared for it. 

You Will Likely Get the Best Deal If You Exchange Your Mattress Rather Than Return It 

Most mattress stores want to keep your business even if you do not like your first mattress. Because of this, you may get a better deal if you exchange the mattress as opposed to returning it for cash. You should ask whether the company will waive the restocking fee or give you a discount on delivery if you are exchanging your mattress.

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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