what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

Turn Your Manhattan Studio Into A Modernist Dream And Attract Exclusive Renters With 3 Signiture Pieces Of Furniture

If you own a Manhattan Condo, are are looking to rent it out to short term guests to make some money while you are out of the city, then it's important that you furnish it appropriately. You are going to want to attract high end renters, people who want quality and are not too concerned about the price. This way you will make more money, plus you will distinguish yourself from the many other people renting out their apartment for short term stays. One way to do this is to decorate your studio with modern furniture. Many tourists who are visiting Manhattan have a serious interest in art and architecture. They will love staying in a place that looks like it belongs in a architecture magazine. If you have a small studio, then you have a limited space. So, make an impact by choosing three signature pieces.

Barcelona Chair

You need a sitting chair, and the perfect type is the Barcelona chair. This is one of the most iconic designs in the modern aesthetic. The chair draws it's inspiration from the type of stools used by the rulers of Rome. It was created in Spain in 1929 and features a very simple steel and leather design. You can choose the classic black leather, or a more colorful white or tan color if you prefer. It does not take up much space (unlike large recliners and sofa chairs) but it makes a very powerful statement. If you have a larger studio, you might even want to get two Barcelona chairs and situate them on either side of your sofa bed to create a nice symmetry.

A Streamlined Modernist Metal Table

Along with an elegant chair, you also need a nice modernist style coffee table. Choose one that has no wood, but is instead metal or metal and glass. While wood is pretty, it also looks "heavy", and if you are already getting a Barcelona chair, then you don't want to mix mediums. So, pick a table that is glass and steel. You want a simple rectangular design, noting oval, or square.

Italian Leather Sleeper Sofa

You're studio is small, so you don't want to fill it up with a bed and a couch, that will make it look to cluttered in the ads you will post. The best thing to do is choose an Italian leather sofa bed. These can open up easily into a bed. When you have set up the bed, make sure to take photos with the bed both open and closed, so that the people viewing the ad will know that they won't have to sleep on a "closed" couch. Choose a couch with square ends, which has a more modernist vibe than rounded sides.

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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