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3 Pieces That Help Create a Farmhouse Dining Room

One fun theme to create when you are decorating your dining room is a farmhouse theme. This theme is both timeless and fun. This article is going to discuss three pieces that can help you to create a farmhouse dining room.

Classic Wood Table and Benches 

Since the main pieces in your dining room will include your table and chairs, it is important that these pieces have the farmhouse look. If you purchase a classic wooden table with benches, you are going to be able to create this look perfectly. Having the wood on the table unfinished can create that raw look that is true to a farmhouse, and the benches are also very appropriate for this style as well. As an added bonus, the benches are great for sitting several people at one time, so they are great for large families or for big events for which you need a lot of seating for your guests. 

Hanging Barn Door

 A super-fun piece to add to your dining room is a hanging barn door. This style of door is going to hang off of the ground and will slide open and closed on metal hinges. The door itself is going to have wooden pieces created an "X" shape on it and is going to look like a classic farmhouse door that you would find on a barn. This farm door is going to be perfect for creating a farmhouse look, but it is also going to close off your dining room from the rest of the house when you aren't using it. This is great for keeping small children out and keeping this room clean. 

Wooden Hutch 

Another excellent piece to add to your dining room, if you are going for a farmhouse look, is a wooden hutch. You can find an older wooden hutch and keep it as is, or you can antique the hutch yourself. You can do this using a sander to initially remove all of the finish on the hutch, and then you can refinish it using chalk paint and small sanders to create an antique and distressed look. To really go with the farmhouse look, you can add classic hardware to the hutch as well as paned windows for the doors of the hutch. You can then fill this hutch full of country-style dishes and other items that are reminiscent of a farmhouse. 

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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