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The Many Options When Buying A Murphy Bed

If you have a guest bedroom you'd like to use as a craft room or some other purpose, but you don't want to get rid of the bed in case you have guests, then consider getting a Murphy bed installed. That way, the bed can be folded against the wall so that you have space for your crafts, and then you can lower the bed when your guests are going to spend the night. Here are some options for buying a Murphy bed. 

Choose The Size

If you have a queen bed in the room now, then you may want to buy a queen Murphy bed. Queen beds are comfortable for a couple to sleep in, so if you often have relatives or friends that share the bed, then a queen bed would be ideal as long as you have the wall space for it. A Murphy bed can be positioned on the wall vertically or horizontally, so you can choose the best way to fit the bed into your room depending on the height of the room or the height of other furniture, allowing it to blend in.

Consider A Bed That Has Double Duty

A Murphy bed folds up so that it's out of the way, but it can also have useful features so the space can be used while it's against the wall. Some have a desk that you might be able to use for craft work, and others have storage shelves. A Murphy bed can fold down over a table or couch, and it can even rotate like a secret door before it lowers, so you can have anything you want on the opposite side. The beds can be outfitted with a lock so that you don't have to worry about the bed falling down while you're working under it. Plus, the spring or piston system the bed uses helps the bed lower and raise slowly and safely.

Choose The Style

You can buy a queen Murphy bed or a bed of any size in a number of styles. The beds can be made from a variety of materials so you can have a traditional wood bed or something sleek and modern if you'd rather the room looked like a living room instead of a bedroom. The material the bed is made of will affect the quality and price. However, when you buy a Murphy bed, you don't necessarily want the cheapest option since the bed should last a long time. The quality of the springs is important since those will wear out eventually depending on how often you use the bed.

A Murphy bed is an interesting and useful addition to your home. When closed, it may look like a dresser or just like part of the wall if the bed is built into a recessed area. Your guests may never suspect there's a bed in the wall, but when you have a Murphy bed, you'll always have a place ready for guests to spend the night.

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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