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The Shape Of Comfort: How To Find Your Perfect Sectional Sofa, Even For A Small Space

Sectionals are the sleekest, coolest, and most comfortable option in sofas, but not every sectional you fall in love with is going to be right for the room you have in mind. Choose one that's too large, too small, or otherwise impractical for your home or lifestyle and it's a disappointment of epic proportions; however, when you find one that's just right, it's a match made in heaven and you'll feel like you're sitting, sleeping, and reclining on a cloud.

1. Imagine The Sectional In Pieces, In Your Living Room

A connected sectional may require a lot of space or specific dimensions, but there's no interior design regulation that states you can't arrange the individual pieces in any array you choose. Imagine the largest part of the sofa taking up the space it needs in your living room, with the rest scattered in places that are available and that would be cohesive in terms of the overall layout. You might even take a one-arm or armless piece of the sectional that doesn't quite fit in your living room and set it in your foyer or bedroom, giving your entire home or apartment a cohesive arrangement.

The point is that every part of a sectional doesn't have to be in a single space or even a single room.

2. Think About Cleaning

Irrespective of color, style, and shape, you want a couch that will look as beautiful in years to come as it does the day it arrives. Think of tightly-knit wool blends that hold their shape and are a snap to spot-clean or synthetic microfiber, specifically formulated to resist stains.

3. Look For A Style Complementary To Your Current Decor

Not every sofa you like is actually going to sit well in your living room, yet some sectionals are so sensational, you almost want to adapt your existing decor to match them. Whichever way you go, though, complement modern with modern, transitional with transitional and so forth. Also, finding a large painting or another form of wall art to match your new couch will add a professional and sophisticated touch to complete the room.

4. Picture People Actually Using The Sectional

Whether your heart is set on an L-Shape, U-Shape, Pit, or other style of sectional, you want to make sure it's perfect for all the people in your life. Picture a party in your living room, kids watching movies, or a romantic evening for two and decide how the sofa will function, suiting everyone in the room. Additionally, if you sometimes have overnight visitors and they sleep on your sofa, investigate the possibilities of a sectional with a pull-out mattress. There are models with storage and attachments, too, such as those needed for enjoying meals or using laptops, so consider the usage of the couch you buy as well.

5. Take Your Ideas To A Sectional Professional

While making an online purchase is the most convenient way to buy nearly anything these days, particularly a large piece of furniture, you still want to speak with an expert. Run your ideas by someone, somewhere, who can validate them in terms of form, function, and fit, in every conceivable way.

As cool and comfortable as sectional sofas are, you really have to find just the right one for your needs. Do a little research, put your imagination to work, and consult with a sofa matchmaker, who'll ensure you're buying the best possible one. For more information about sectionals, contact a furniture store.

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what furniture is best to be used in sun rooms

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